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We at Criada know that managing a business isn't an easy task. There are lot of things to be done within fixed constraints of time. Keeping a 24x7 presence isn't possible and managing all tasks manually is very hectic. This is why decided to help you by using AI assistant that is powered by robust machine learning algorithms to automate your business, keep 24x7 presence and bring more leads. We understand your business needs and accordingly create intelligent models for it.

Make customers attached to your service

Not only the quality of product but also the services that are provided by the company matters to the customers. Every business wants a good customer chain who has constant positive hope from it. If your customer is happy and convinced with your services you have a good name in the market. AI assistants are the best form of contacts in such cases,they provide immediate answers, a 24*7 availability and a pleasantful way of interaction. Such features make the customers more attached to your service and increment respect for your brand towards them.

Salient Features


Automate your social media with your AI assistant

The target we are holding on is to provide an automation in your social media business. Your AI assistant will not just have a conversation because a conversation might not be enough to meet the needs of the user and so it has to take actions to move the conversation further for getting more precise leads.


  • AI Fuctionality
  • 1 Active Bot
  • 8 Features
  • 3 Messaging Channels
  • 5000 Chats Included Per Month (After That $0.001 Per Message)
  • AI Functionality
  • 1 Active Bots
  • 3 Features
  • 1 Channels
  • 1000 Chats Included Per Month (After That $0.001 Per Message)

Have customized needs? Introducing the Custom plan!

Want a plan that matches more closely to your business requirements? Want some more features or connected channels? Here we bring the custom plan for you :)